Yemen is dying - Act now!

The people of Yemen are trapped in the world’s biggest humanitarian catastrophe.

Already, the ongoing war has killed thousands of people and forced millions from their homes. Yemen has faced the fastest growing cholera outbreak in modern history, and families are unable to get the food or water they need to survive.

Without immediate action, millions of people will die from a historic famine and public health catastrophe.

As violence escalates, families are having to make devastating decisions. Should they spend the last of their savings on a meal for their children or a long journey for medical treatment?

The US has the power to save lives and stand against this atrocity. If we leverage our influence, we could put an end to this crisis.

Join us in telling Senator Corker, chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations, to do everything in his power to:

  • Make sure that aid, fuel, medicine, and food can pass freely through Yemen's borders;
  • Call for all parties to the conflict to agree to an immediate ceasefire;
  • Oppose military aid and weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, which contradict our calls for peace.

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