Welcoming Refugees is An American Value

One of our proudest legacies as Americans is welcoming those who need refuge. For decades, we’ve safely given refuge to families who fear for their lives and have nowhere else to turn.

But despite conflict raging on in Syria and families fleeing famine around the world, President Trump and some in Congress want to block refugees from entering the US, and cut funding to refugees around the world living in camps and settlements.

During the worst refugee crisis of our time, America must continue our proud tradition of welcoming refugees to our communities.

Join us in telling President Trump and Congress that welcoming refugees is an American value!

Please send your letter to President Trump and Congress and ask them to:

  • Support refugees around the world with life-saving aid
  • Welcome at least 75,000 vulnerable refugees here to the US in 2018
  • Oppose any efforts to ban refugees from the US

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