MAKE CLIMATE CHANGE A PRIORITYTawab carries his son, two year old Calado*, through floodwaters in the district of Metuje, which was hit by cyclone Kenneth in May, 2019.

Climate change is causing grave damage to communities across the US and threatening the lives of millions of people around the world. It is driving extreme floods and droughts, more frequent and severe storms, and unpredictable growing seasons. It is increasing hunger, fueling conflict, contributing to the spread of infectious diseases, and making it harder for people to lift themselves out of poverty.
Put simply, climate change represents the most severe threat to future generations and the fight against poverty our world currently faces. It is an emergency that requires mobilization at a scale that matches the severity of the challenge.
The Trump administration has worked to systematically undo US efforts to stop climate change and prevent it from harming our communities. Congress has been unwilling to act.
We must fight this.
All candidates for President must make climate change a top priority and promise that they will take all necessary action regardless of the political make-up of Congress. We need to ensure that every candidate running has a plan bold enough to meet the scale of the climate crisis and be willing to use every tool at their disposal to implement it.
Sign your name and demand that every 2020 candidate commits to bold climate action that protects the most vulnerable communities, with or without Congress.