Stop Cuts to Humanitarian Aid in Yemen

People collecting clean water.
USAID has decided to suspend humanitarian aid to people living in Yemen’s Houthi controlled areas in the north of the country. Oxfam is asking for your urgent support. We plan to deliver as many names of supporters to USAID Administrator Ambassador Green’s office as possible. Please sign your name onto the letter below to increase the impact we have on reversing this decision:

Dear Ambassador Green,
We are writing to request that your agency immediately delay the planned suspension of humanitarian aid to northern Yemen, considering the global threat of COVID-19 and the dire impacts it will have on Yemen should it arrive.
Right now, Yemen is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. According to the humanitarian relief organization Oxfam, millions of Yemenis are currently living without clean water, proper nutrition, or access to medical care. Many have been forced from their homes, living in cramped quarters where it will be nearly impossible to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Instead of suspending humanitarian aid to Yemen, right now USAID should stand up for humanitarian values and work within the multilateral system led by the UN, to ensure that Yemen is receiving primary healthcare and other public health activities aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.
We urge you to delay the suspension of aid to Yemen. Putting Yemeni lives in the balance through a unilateral suspension of U.S. assistance will not improve the humanitarian situation for Yemen and will cruelly make a country already decimated by war even more vulnerable to one of the worst pandemics in generations.
Oxfam Supporters
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