FIGHT FAIR. CARE DEEPLY. Raise your voice. Vote. Get involved. Demand #DignityforAll.

Sign up to be part of a movement for change in 2020 and commit to fight for Dignity for All with Oxfam.  
Together we can challenge all candidates–left, right, or center–to act on climate change, fight for gender equality, reverse economic inequality, and protect the rights of refugees and migrants fleeing their homes.  
2020 is an inflection point and we must rise to the moment. There is so much at stake and now is the time to fight for what we believe in. 
No matter where or how you live in this world, we are all human. Though geography, language, and culture may distinguish us, ultimately, we're more alike than we are different. We all deserve to be treated equally and with dignity and compassion. We all deserve the same basic rights, from a livable planet to food and shelter, education, and healthcare. 
Raise your voice. Vote. Get involved. Demand #DignityforAll. 
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