The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating, with hundreds of thousands of lives lost and billions of people struggling to pay their bills and stay healthy.
An effective vaccine can be a way out of this nightmare, but only if it’s accessible and affordable to all. That’s why we can’t let Big Pharma use taxpayer-funded research to develop the vaccine then charge sky-high prices for the drugs that we already paid to develop.
Public investments from all of us should lead to public benefits for all of us. That’s why we need a people’s vaccine that is free, fair, and available to all.
It’s not just the right thing to do, it is also the only way to jumpstart our economy and prevent economic devastation facing families and small businesses. We cannot reopen our economy until we have an effective vaccine and enough people receive it.
That’s why we are calling on the next President of the United States to:
  • Do everything in their power to ensure the vaccine will be free of charge to all.
  • Work collaboratively with world leaders and the World Health Organization to make sure the vaccine and all COVID-19 products and technologies are distributed and shared fairly, based on need and risk not price or nationality. This will ensure everyone who truly needs a vaccine gets one—not just those with the most money.
  • Ensure that no one company or country maintain monopoly control over the production and distribution of the vaccine.
Sign your name and demand that the next President commits to a people’s vaccine that is free, fair, and available to all.