Every single day, families around the world are forced to leave their homes in search of safety and a better life. Fleeing conflict and violence, poverty and persecution, many escape with nothing but the clothes they are wearing.  

Shamefully, America’s position as a beacon of opportunity and hope is under attack. 

We must speak up and restore America’s tradition of welcoming those in search of safety and opportunity. 

Make a difference in the lives of those seeking opportunity in the US: Tell Congress to restore America’s tradition of welcoming and supporting the most vulnerable people.  

Add your name here to call on Congress to take action on these five important initiatives: 

1) Address forced migration from Central America: The Northern Triangle and Border Stabilization Act (H.R. 3524) addresses the structural issues at the root cause of migration from Central America, including efforts to strengthen the rule of law, combat corruption, confront violence, strengthen democratic governance, and respect for human rights -- issues at the heart of why people are fleeing in the first place. The bill also seeks to improve treatment of those arriving at the border, including ending the government’s inhumane efforts to deny the right to seek asylum.

2) Increase the number of refugees resettled in the US: Since 1975 -- before the formal resettlement program even began -- the US has given refuge to more than 3 million families. Although presidents have set historical annual targets of 95,000 refugees for admittance, this year’s ceiling is 30,000. Congress must pass the GRACE Act (H.R. 2146) to raise the minimum to 95,000 refugees during the current, unprecedented displacement crisis worldwide. 

3) Adequately fund assistance programs: Congress must support vital humanitarian funding, which is necessary to provide lifesaving assistance for displaced people overseas and those who arrive in the United States. 

4) End the Muslim Ban: More than two years ago, the Muslim Ban went into effect. The result has been far fewer Muslim refugees resettled in the United States in the past few years, and fewer families reunited. It was wrong then and it’s wrong now. Congress must pass the NO BAN Act (H.R.2214) to dismantle the Muslim Ban -- once and for all. 

5) Protect TPS holders: Congress must pass the SECURE Act (S.879), which provides a way for TPS holders and their family members to adjust their immigration status to permanent resident, allowing them to eventually obtain citizenship as long as they don’t break any laws.  

Let’s ensure that US immigration policies and practices respect the human rights of all migrants so America lives up to its values and traditions.  

It's urgent that you write to your representatives in Congress now and demand that the American tradition of welcoming those in search of safety and opportunity is restored. 

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