The Muslim Ban was wrong three years ago. And it's wrong now. At its core, it is rooted in divisiveness, fearmongering and hate. No family or community should be separated because of their religion or where they come from—but that’s exactly what President Trump’s Muslim Ban is doing to thousands of people. 

A bill, the NO BAN Act, was introduced in April of 2019 in response to the Muslim Ban. This is the first major piece of legislation that aims to repeal the Trump administration’s Muslim Ban and would also prevent any future administration from enacting such discriminatory policies. 

We need to send a strong message that our communities and allies will stand together and fight back in the face of hatred and bigotry.

We demand that Congress not just repeal President Trump’s Muslim Ban but limit the ability of future administrations to ban people based on their religion or where they come from. 

Now is the time to amplify this powerful message of religious tolerance and inclusion.

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